Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Sept. 10th Meeting: 

6-7pm Regular Team Meeting

7-8pm Training: FIRST Badges Level 1 – Safety

8-9pm Enrichment Time (students may work on projects, extend their skills, learn more about the topic discussed, meet in sub-groups, work on team tasks, etc.

Sept. 12th Meeting:

At our last competition meeting we discussed the roles and positions we will be working on developing students to fill. We will be continuing our work on this.  Also at the last competition team meeting, our robots quickly broke down and we ended up with none to practice with. Our 2017 robot has been fixed and 2016 is undergoing repairs.  Special duct fans have been ordered and received to provide great cooling for our new 775 chassis.  Come help us get them together and practice!

The back to school night is on Sept 12th, from 7-9pm.  The main room is will be used by the newly hired tech teacher, Mr. Sadowski from about 6:30 to 7:45pm.  During that time, we would like to see the team work on fixing the remaining robots, and providing demonstrations and display for parents to see.

Sept. 17th Meeting:

6-7pm Regular Monday Communication Meeting

7-8pm Team Sponsorship Meeting

8-9pm For team members in good standing that have all of their paperwork turned in and fees paid, they can work on enrichment projects and exercises.

8-9pm For new members or members that need to complete their paperwork and fees.