Our Sponsors

2018 Diamond & Platinum Sponsors

Nissan North America, Inc.

Sponsor since 2017

Since 1999, Nissan has been part of the Renault–Nissan Alliance, a partnership between Nissan and French automaker Renault.  Their mission is to enrich people’s lives, building trust with our employees, customers, dealers, partners, shareholders and the world at large.  Nissan graced us again this year with their 2nd $5000 donation in as many years.  Thank you, Nissan !

Denso International America, Inc.

Sponsor since 2016

DENSO is one of the largest global automotive suppliers of advanced technology, systems and components.  They consistently rank at the top of the automotive industry for patents generated each year.  In this 3rd year of sponsorship, DENSO provided us with a very generous gift of $5000.

FCA Foundation

Sponsor since 2015

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the result of the merger between Fiat and Chrysler.  We also know them as the Chrysler Foundation.  They helped us considerably, giving us $4,475 and providing a mentor to aid the robotics team in learning and constructing machinery.  This is their 3rd season of sponsorship for us!

Ford Motor Company

Sponsor since 2016

The Ford Motor Company has a long history of supporting robotics programs at all grades.  By helping to inspire young, innovative students, the FRC® motivates them to consider science, technology, engineering and math education and opens doors to STEM careers.  Ford has granted our team $3000 for the 2018 season.

Golden Refrigerant Recycling

Sponsor since 2015

Golden Refrigerant is a refrigerant distribution and reclamation company that provides homes and businesses with refrigerant needed for refrigerators and freezers that keep our food and water fresh and cool. They’ve been a great help to the communities around them, including us because they also donated $1500 to our Robotics Team for the 3rd consecutive year.

Pratt & Miller Engineering & Fabrication

Sponsor since 2016

Pratt & Miller’s world-renowned motorsports operation has evolved into an innovative, full-service engineering and low volume manufacturing company.  Pratt & Miller is proudly serving the Defense, Automotive and Powersports industries; and us, with a $2500 donation in their 3rd year of sponsorship.  Thank you, Pratt & Miller.

DoD  – US Army – TARDEC

Sponsor  2018

<nina.russo2.civ@mail.mil><weberr@slcs.us>Department of Defense, the largest employer of scientists and engineers in the nation, with the DoD Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Initiative, is leading in Technology and Innovation.  DoD’s elite scientists and engineers have been at the cutting edge of our nation’s most advanced technological breakthroughs for decades. DoD STEM programs connect STEM education in the classroom to the excitement, skills, and challenges that come with safeguarding our country. DoD STEM represents the Department’s mission to attract, inspire, and develop exceptional STEM talent across the educational continuum to sustain the Department’s technological edge. TARDEC,  The Center of Excellence on Ground Vehicles as part of the Army Future Commands, has embraced DoD STEM initiative in every educational school level from elementary to graduate level. This is done in order to foster and cultivate a diverse pool of exceptional talents. We were thrilled to learn DoD STEM TARDEC  supported our team with $7000 last year, and looking forward to have our DoD, US Government support in the years to come.</weberr@slcs.us></nina.russo2.civ@mail.mil>

Magna Powertrain, Inc.

Sponsor since 2016

Magna Powertrain is the world leader in the design and development of automotive systems for 4×4 and AWD applications; oil, vacuum & water pumps, engine cooling; driver awareness (vision) systems, electronic controls; and double clutch transmissions thru GETRAG.  Magna Powertrain rescued our 2016 season with a just-in-time donation and provided another $1800 for the 2018 season.

H.H. Barnum Company

Sponsor 2018

For over 60 years, H.H. Barnum has been dedicated to innovation and quality to its valued customers and employees.  Headquartered in Brighton, MI, they are a leader in products, solutions and controls for factory automation.  In their first year of sponsorship, H.H. Barnum donated $1000 to keep the Toasters running smooth.

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

Sponsor 2018

Kawasaki Robotics is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems with a broad product portfolio, able to service a wide range of applications all around the world.  Material Handling, Painting, Dispensing; Kawasaki has a robot for almost any application.  We are proud to put Kawasaki Robotics $1000 donation to work on our robot.

Laser Mechanisms, Inc.

Sponsor 2018

Laser Mechanisms is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of laser beam delivery components and articulated arm systems.  Their products are used in every type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment and other processes; using every type of laser, including CO2, Nd:YAG, Fiber Lasers and more.  Their $1000 donation will help the Toasters stay laser focused on the competition.

Ventura Aerospace LLC

Sponsor since 2018

Ventura Aerospace is an aerospace component manufacturer specializing in precision, complex machining and assembly to six decimal accuracy (millionths).  Services include turning, milling, grinding, lapping, finishing, assembly and testing of diametrically matched valve, sleeve and housing assemblies.  The Toasters hope to achieve these high standards with Ventura’s $1000 donation.

United Dairy Industry of Michigan, Inc.

Sponsor since 2017

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM) is the umbrella organization for the Dairy Council of Michigan and the American Dairy Association of Michigan.  They are dedicated to serving Michigan’s hard-working dairy farm families.  The Toasters are very proud to have UDIM as a sponsor.

Spectrum Automation Company

Sponsor since 2015

Spectrum Automation designs, develops, and manufactures specialty parts feeding and material handling systems for such diversified fields as automotive, farm implement, fastener, medical, hardware, food and beverage, aerospace and munitions industries.  Spectrum Automation was able to help us by donating $1,000 for the 2nd year.

State Of Michigan

Sponsor since 2014

To support the State Board of Education’s mission in making “All students graduate ready for careers, college, and community,” the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) staff has developed a structure to award the $2,000,000 appropriated under Section 99h of FY 2014 State School Aid to public school districts and public school academies to support students in grades 7-12 through participation in middle school FTC and high school FRC.

Cybernet Systems

Charter Sponsor since 2011

Cybernet has been a financial sponsor for the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 FIRST seasons.  They continue to supply us with our head mechanical mentor, Jim Burkowski.  In this role, he is developing the next generation of CAD designers and machinists through hands-on mentorship.  The Toasters would not be who we are today without Jim.


Charter Sponsor since 2011

South Lyon Community Schools is our largest non-monetary sponsor.  They supply us with a meeting location, run publicity for us, allow us to do fundraisers for our team and community charities in house, support us at our competitions by cheering, and listen to our message of STEAM when looking over the curriculum.


Sponsor since 2012

Solidworks has provided the Toasters with free access to their excellent CAD software since 2012.  With it, we create models for our robot, calculate the expected weight, and print out dimensioned drawings for parts to be made.  Solidworks provides enough licenses for every student on the team.

2018 Gold Level Sponsors

Michael & Deborah Martin


Crescent Orthodontics PLLC

Darren & Maureen Klemens

D. E. McNabb Flooring

IMEG Corp.

Joseph & Elaine O’Connor

Katherine L. M. Ginman

Matthew & Stephanie Boyle

Means Industries Inc.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC

Prasad Kokatam & Srilata Pabbaraju

SGS Advanced Testing & Engineering, Inc.

South Lyon Senior Care and Rehab Center