Gibraltar Event Survey – Action Required ASAP


As we prepare for our first event, we need to get information from you.  The event is Thursday 5-10pm (move in, inspection, and set up), Friday 8am -8pm (qualification matches), and Saturday from 8am to approximately 6:30pm (play-offs & awards).  Our team does not leave ( you are not excused) until the awards assembly is over, a team picture is taken on the field, and the equipment is packed and loaded ready for transport.  If you leave early, you will forfeit receiving any medals, pins, patches, etc.  YOU ARE EXPECTED TO STAY WITH THE TEAM UNTIL DISMISSED.

You will need to complete this survey to be excused from classes on Friday. We will be taking attendance by 9am on Friday and submitting it to the school district.  If you are not at the venue and checked in by then, you will not be excused from classes. 

There is no team busing to and from the event. Parents are responsible for transportation of their student to and from the event.  As always, SLCS and South Lyon Robotics do not support students driving themselves to and from events.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE OTHER STUDENTS TO AND FROM EVENTS.  Once you are at the event, you may not come an go; you are required to remain at the event until you leave for the day. Parents will need to sign out their student with coach Weber if leaving before the end of the day.  

Attendance Survey is found in the members only page or in HQ on BaseCamp.

Event Info, Links, & Agenda:


Reminder: Bot Bash Next Saturday

News from the event:   

We are excited that your team is coming to the 2018 Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash on October 27!  Here is some essential information about the event:

Team Registration, Payment & Check-in:

·         If your plans have changed and you will not be able to come to the event, please let us know ASAP. We have a significant number of teams on the event waiting list. We also need to let teams who wait listed a 2nd robot know if they will be able to bring their 2nd robot. Thanks

·         We are requiring teams to check-in their robots and set up their pit on Friday from 4-9:30 p.m. Your whole team does not need to come on Friday, but at least a portion of your team needs to come to check in your robot/set-up the pit/connect your robot to the playing field. TOASTERS: Mr. Weber & Mr. Novilla are transporting our equpment up on Friday to fulfill this request. Students need to arrive for Saturday Morning, 

·         Please also let us know if your team would like a table in your pit by October 13thWe will be providing tables in the pits for teams that request them. The pits are 10×10 feet.

·         Pits & stands open at 8 a.m. on Saturday. 

·         Here is the link to the 2018 robot inspection checklist:  There have been no changes here – please verify that your robot meets the 2018 requirements if you have made any modifications since the spring season.

Volunteers from Your Team:

·         Thanks to those teams who have their volunteers signed up for this event.  We are still looking for many volunteers help to with field reset, safety advisors, safety glasses, crowd control, and practice field – please sign up new or additional volunteers!  We are asking each team to provide at least 2-3 volunteers to help at the event (or more if possible). To register volunteers, use event web site:

·         Volunteer check-in will be by the main entrance near the Gold Gym at the volunteer check-in table. 

Event Parking & Logistics:

·         The event web site is located here:

·         The event is being held at H. H. Dow High School, 3901 North Saginaw Road, Midland, MI 48640.  Direction are available at the FIRST-GLBR website: 

·         There is parking at the school. It is best to use the parking lots on the northwest side of the school.   You can park anywhere in the open lots, except for the designated team trailer parking (which will be marked with signs). If you are bringing a trailer, please park in the designated area. 

·         For trailer unloading, you will want to use the far western entrance by the H.H. Dow High School entrance to Green Gym (near the track/stands) since that is closest to the Pits. 

·         The main event entrance is the H.H. Dow High School entrance by the Gold Gym on the northwestern side of the school.  There will also be signs on the outside doors/windows to help direct you. 

·         Event schedule

o    Friday – Pits are open from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for registration, load-in, connecting robots to the playing field and practice matches. 

o    Saturday – Event runs from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Please note that there will be a safety captain meeting and a driver’s meeting before the 9 a.m. opening ceremony on Saturday morning.

·         We plan to have the competition field open for practice matches on Friday evening for teams. 

·         We will have T-shirt vendor at the event for the optional purchase of robot-themed and event shirts. Please be aware of this option and let your students know so they can plan if they might be interested.

Food at the Event:

·         We will have concessions available on Saturday from 8 a.m. to around 5 p.m. We will have drinks and snacks all day, with breakfast food items in the morning and lunch items at midday.

·         If your team is planning to bring team food/lunches with you, we will be able to use the school cafeteria to store boxes, bags or coolers.  We will be able to use the school cafeteria to eat Saturday for all teams (whether you bring your lunch, get food at the concession stand, or order food to be delivered). 

·         We are not able to have a place for you to plug in crock-pots or food warmers at this event, so please plan accordingly. Please communicate this information the people who are helping coordinate food for your team.

·         Teams are welcome to take advantage of local restaurants in the area.

Event Live Stream:

We will have the competition livestream video linked to this location:

The Flying Toasters at the IRI

This past weekend, The Flying Toasters made their way down to Indianapolis to compete in the Indiana Robotics Invitational. It was the team’s fourth time being invited to the event, with the last invite occurring in 2016. In total, 69 teams from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico all descended on Lawrence North High School to compete in what is often regarded as the hardest competition of the year. The Toasters put up a strong fight using both new and old drivers during the qualifying rounds. The endeavor was considered a great success, with a qualifying record of five wins and four losses.  At the end of qualifying, 3641 had breached the upper half of teams, ranking 31st place. Unfortunately the Toaster’s run was ended earlier than expected, as the team was not selected for elimination play. None the less, there were many good experiences shared by all those who attended, especially those who had the opportunity to try the famous sweet corn. The Flying Toasters also made many new friends who helped our efforts and taught us some important lessons. There is no doubt that the Toasters are a much better team after attending.

If you are interested in looking at some match footage from the competition, you can find our matches at the following link: