Upcoming Events

We will be finishing out the month of August by participating at MARC on the 24th & 25th at Monroe High School, 901 Herr Rd, Monroe MI 48161.  You can find the agenda and more info at their website.

Tentatively, our plan is to have students meet at SLEHS on FRIDAY between 6:15 & 6:30am for the team to take a SLCS Bus to the competition.  We are planning on returning between 8-8:30pm. We do not want students to drive to and from the event and we are planning on using the bus ride as part of team bonding.  However, some concerns are that students have pre-planned activities in the morning, and in this case if parents are able to drive the students to MARC, those students will be allowed to ride back with us on the SLCS Bus providing that you contact Coach Weber in advanced.  We will have confirmation of the SLCS bus at Monday’s meeting.  As there are costs for the bus, we are only using it on Friday; on Saturday, parents will have to transport their student to and from the event.

August Meetings:  We will be meeting Monday, August 20th, 6-9pm for a Team Meeting including competition instructions, and Wednesday, August 22nd, 6-9pm to practice one last time and then pack & load.  We are expecting to pass out team shirts at Wednesday’s Meeting. 

There will be no meetings the week of August 27th-31st.  

More Sponsorship Info

As promised, more information including links and sponsorship levels are out. Access should now be allowed.

Check out the Members Only page on our website.  It has the Google form to fill out when you contact the company, and a view only of the spreadsheet for the companies that have been contacted.  Please keep your contacts up to date as the first time stamp gets the recognition. Also, a spreadsheet of previous sponsors is there for your reference.  

Sponsorship Levels are now posted on Basecamp. If you are not yet on Basecamp,  come to Monday’s Meeting and get the sign up instructions.  See Mr. Weber or Mr. Lucas Burkowski for the Basecamp info. 

More information will be forthcoming for next week’s Monday meeting.

Sponsorship links

Check out the Members Only page on our website.  It has the Google form to fill out when you contact the company, and a view only of the spreadsheet for the companies that have been contacted.  Please keep your contacts up to date as the first time stamp gets the recognition.

More information will be forthcoming for next week’s Monday meeting.

FIRST – “Inspiring Success” Video Release

I am very proud to announce the release to over 15,000 teams, and reaching over a million students, mentors, volunteers,  and sponsors world wide:

A chance of a lifetime. On June 9th & 10th, a professional production came to SLEHS along with a representative from FIRST headquarters to work with the high school robotics team, The Flying Toasters, 3641, to film the scenes for this video.  To protect our students, professional actors with experience were used for the main characters, but the extras were supplied by our team.
You can find the video on FIRST’s Website: https://www.firstinspires.org/about/diversityinclusion
Over the two days and nearly 24 hours of production, our students got the experience of a lifetime, as they not only worked as extras, but as supporting crew, operated the robot behind the camera, taught the actors about robotics, and provided technical advice. In turn the production crew embraced our team as they “showed them the ropes”, such as lighting, camera angles, staging, composition, etc.  Everyone went away knowing more, a tribute to the willingness to exchange talent.
If you look closely, you can find many “Easter Eggs”.  I counted 72. Can you find more?
Watching the final video, our team was so taken with how they captured our team’s approach on FIRST, students, mentors, as well as our team dynamics. Moreover, in my opinion. “There is Something for Everyone.” Robotics is just a vehicle, it’s building students what the Flying Toasters is all about.

Meetings this week


To remind our team, we are having a competition team meeting Wednesday from 6-9pm, doors open at 5:30pm.

On Thursday we are having a mentor only meeting, so anyone interested in being a mentor on the team, that is parents, former FIRST members, previous mentors, sponsors, etc. please come!  The meeting will be from 7-9pm.  Please note the time change to 7pm, to accommodate travel.


The Flying Toasters at the IRI

This past weekend, The Flying Toasters made their way down to Indianapolis to compete in the Indiana Robotics Invitational. It was the team’s fourth time being invited to the event, with the last invite occurring in 2016. In total, 69 teams from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico all descended on Lawrence North High School to compete in what is often regarded as the hardest competition of the year. The Toasters put up a strong fight using both new and old drivers during the qualifying rounds. The endeavor was considered a great success, with a qualifying record of five wins and four losses.  At the end of qualifying, 3641 had breached the upper half of teams, ranking 31st place. Unfortunately the Toaster’s run was ended earlier than expected, as the team was not selected for elimination play. None the less, there were many good experiences shared by all those who attended, especially those who had the opportunity to try the famous sweet corn. The Flying Toasters also made many new friends who helped our efforts and taught us some important lessons. There is no doubt that the Toasters are a much better team after attending.

If you are interested in looking at some match footage from the competition, you can find our matches at the following link: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/3641

FIRST Lego League Informational Meeting

Brummer, Salem and Sayre 4th and 5th graders and their parents are invited to an Informational Meeting about FIRST Lego League on Monday, July 23rd at 6:30.  This will be held at South Lyon East High School.  Enter from the John’s Road entrance and follow the “Robotics” signs.  Plan to stay for a community-wide Robotics Open House afterwards where you can learn about all levels of FIRST Robotics in South Lyon.  For more information on First Lego League, visit http://www.firstlegoleague.org/about-fll

Design and Mechatronics Apprenticeship at Brose

Donald Hoffmann, Manager of Product Team Closure Sytems/Development of Brose North America is seeking to find 3 students that are graduating this year and are interested in the Apprenticeship program.  During this program, these students complete their Associate’s Degree (paid for by Brose) and also get paid an hourly wage.  They are also guaranteed a job at Brose for at least 2 more years after graduation.   Please share this opportunity with your students and encourage them to contact Donald Hoffman with the contact information below.

Please see below the information and links about our open apprentice positions.

At Brose in Auburn Hills we are running a German style apprentice program through MAT2. We saw a decline in capable technicians and designers, so five years ago we started two apprentice programs. These two programs are Mechatronics and Technical Product Design.  Our Mechatronics apprentices are trained to be the first line of defense at our plants for troubleshooting and maintaining production lines or test technicians at our design headquarters. Technical Product Design apprentices are our solution to the aging designer staff.  We see product design is a key element in innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry. We view designers as the glue bridging the gaps between engineers, customer teams, and testing.

The apprentices get trained for 3 years and after graduation they have an employment guarantee at least for 2 more years in a full-time job either as Mechatronics technician or Designer.

The next round of apprentices will start end of August 2018.

With the following links you can find the information’s about our open apprentice positions.



Technical Product Design


General information about our apprentice program  you can find here: https://www.brose.com/us-en/careers/recent-graduates-students/apprentices/

Brose North America, Inc.

3933 Automation Avenue
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
United States
Phone: +1 248 339 4707
Fax: 4799
Mobile: +1 248 318 1827

Where bad robots go…

No, it’s not a prison, nor are we going to put things that go bad in there.  It’s our new robotics lock-up area where we can put our stuff, keep it organized, and keep it safe.  Many thanks to project manager and mentor Mr. Perion,  Mr. Martin, Mr. Gaut, Mr. Novilla and Mr. Klein.  Next step is to prep and paint it!  Look at those great shelves and the door rolls open too!

Filming At SLEHS

A lot of things have been happening lately, all for the good of our team. More especially, the team has been given a huge, once in a lifetime, opportunity by being selected by a local film company to shoot a video for FIRST Headquarters. Filming will occur this weekend from 7am to 7pm on both Saturday & Sunday.  A representative from FIRST HQ will be on hand.  (Here is a link to a video they completed for GM about a robotics team: https://youtu.be/QkJ9JOL8QFo)

Our team is being allowed to have six students behind the scenes to help with set up of the scenes as well as driving the 2018 robot. When needed, these students can become extras in the shots. We will need to have alteast one person from the 2018 drive teams (Bread or Butter) on hand for driving the 2018 robot when needed.

As this is a huge impact on our community, our district, and our team, we are being allowed to have (2) students behind the scenes record, take pictures, document, etc. the whole venue so that we can use this incredible event for a newspaper article, chairman’s award material, impact study material, etc.

FIRST wants this video to be fair to all teams, so the filming and subsequent video cannot show any preference to a particular team or entity. Therefore, no team shirts are allowed, as well as any items with logos on it, such as Red Wings, Tigers, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc.  Plain shirts work best.  Also, we want people to be in closed toe shoes, clothing without holes in them, etc.  You will need to sign a permission slip & video release and bring it with you when you come.

Because filming is 7am to 7pm each day, and there are many graduation happenings, we are breaking up the time into slots for each day.

I know this is short notice, but it’s purely a once in a lifetime experience.  Please complete the google spreadsheet ASAP. If you are interested use the contact  page of this website to let us know. Thank you!