FWD: News from U of M Kick-off

Good afternoon teams,
I hope you are looking forward to the FRC Destination: Deep Space Kickoff this Saturday! I have a few final reminders before the day of the event. A parking map is available on our website at https://famnm.club/events/kickoff.html. I have attached a general schedule to this email, but if you want to find your team’s specific schedule and auditorium, enter your team number on our website. If you have not registered on our form, you will not have been assigned an auditorium to view the broadcast in (the form is linked below).  

TEAM 3641: All team members are to report to Room 1670 at the 
Bob and Betty Beyster Building (Computer Science)  for 9:30am.  Attendance will be take at 9:35am.  Lunch is approximately at 12 noon and will be provided by the team (Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Novilla for arraigning this).  The Team will meet from 9:30am to 6pm. Pick-up no later than 6:10pm!  Campus tours Tours will leave at 8:15am from the Pierpont Commons Lobby near Coach’s Check as well as a UM Fair starts at 8:30am. Please note: There will be electrical & wireless access in room 1670 Lecture Hall.  There is also local food area available, so have students bring $20 in case they wish to get snacks, drinks, etc. outside of our lunch. 

More from U of M FAMNM Hosts:
Be sure to have parents fill out the children on campus form for their children (this applies to students that are younger than 18 and who will not have their parent/legal guardian present). They can do so here or at the link below. These forms serve mostly as a formality but are required by the University, and there have been a few questions regarding them. Many people have not been receiving the confirmations from the University. I have been receiving confirmation of the forms, so if you don’t get a confirmation email, do not worry the form went through. For the medical authorization to treat form, please bring your forms with you to check-in; we will collect them there. If you would like for these forms to be returned to at the end of the program, email me ahead of time so I know to set yours aside for easy access.

As a reminder, on the day of the event, we will have a large room reserved for viewing the field. Due to the VR nature of the field, this room will serve as an open space to give people room to walk around and lower risk of bumping into one another. We will have 16 Google Cardboard headsets available to check-out. When you check-in in the morning, you will be asked to select a fifteen-minute timeslot that your team would like to view the field. This will be first-come-first-serve. Teams are welcome to bring their own headsets to the field, and at any time that there is an available headset (such as when a team does not need or want all 16), students may use one. The Google Cardboard headsets we purchased support screen sizes of up to six inches. It is up to teams to provide their own phones and have the application and field installed.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s FRC Destination: Deep Space Kickoff! 

Link: http://umforms.tfaforms.net/2?CampId=7011R000000X5HtQAKKickoff