Action Required: Must Read

As you know, school is closed due to temperatures, so there are absolutely NO MEETINGS Wednesday (tonight) and Thursday.

First, Saturday’s Outreach:  Here is the link to the sign up for Saturday’s outreach at the Rotary Club.  We need to have 12 people attending each session from our team.

Second, in order to prepare for Saturday’s Outreach, we are going to meet on Friday, from 6-9pm.  I know the plan was not to meet on Fridays, but with all the weather days and cancelled meetings, we desperately need to get caught up.  

So, here is the current meeting plan:

Friday, Feb 1st.  6-9pm
Saturday, Feb 2nd.  10-5pm
Monday, Feb 4th. 6-9pm
Tuesday, Feb 5th. 6-9pm
Wednesday, Feb 6th. 6-9pm
Thursday, Feb 7th, 6-9pm
Saturday, Feb 9th, 10-5pm

There is a possible concern for weather next week.  Sun-Mon-Tues is rain with wintery mix. With back roads unable to be cleared to the dirt because of the cold weather this week, next week’s rain will mix with the snow making icy conditions.  We may loose a day next week; so this is why the schedule is so aggressive. 

At Monday’s meeting, we will be getting back into the norm, addressing the Safety Stickers, Safety training & exercises, Design updates, Tactical plan, Items due to FIRST, etc.  Use the campfire in this section to discuss things we need to do or address so that the team can get organized. 

Stay Warm. Read Updates. Check out

Make sure you get rest; go to bed and not stay up playing computer games as we will need to make up the lost time in the next two weeks.  YOU WILL NEED YOUR ENERGY.  We will be running at the Burkowski pace….(evil laugh)