Action Requested: Ford STEAM Scholarship invitation and complete team student data required

Dear Team 3641,

To support Ford’s efforts in funding STEAM investment and scholarships, we require the support of our Ford sponsored FRC teams in providing student data for all students on our sponsored FRC teams. This data is securely and privately stored within Ford’s internal system. It is used solely by Ford to allocate future funding to STEAM programs as well as to support scholarship programs.

We are pleased to announce that this data also supports a scholarship opportunity for graduating high school seniors who are members of Ford supported FIRST teams. All graduating high school seniors on our FRC teams are eligible to apply for a $ 2,500 renewable scholarship. Although seniors are invited to apply for a Ford Blue Oval STEAM scholarship, there is no guarantee that all applicants will receive scholarships.

Please provide contact data for all high school students (Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors) who are members of the team by (Team 3641 due date is February 25th). Data received after this point will not be considered. The Seniors on your team will automatically be considered for this scholarship opportunity which is by invitation only and is strictly limited to Seniors from a Ford sponsored FRC team. Please do not share this announcement beyond the select student group.

The student information in the attached Excel spreadsheet is required by our scholarship processing office and for internal Ford funding support. Please note: student contact information will be used solely for STEAM scholarship and STEAM investment purposes.  Please do not obtain or provide student data from school records (must be obtained from parents/students).

Prior to submitting the requested information, please ensure that you have obtained consent from student applicants or from the parent/legal guardian for students who are minors. We assume that you will make a good faith attempt to reach out to the students/parents on your team and submit the requested data.  If a student/parent does not respond, please enter only their name and select the “did not respond” option provided.

As mentioned, this letter is an invitation to apply for the Ford Blue Oval STEAM scholarship program, but there is no guarantee that all applicants will receive a scholarship. SME Education Foundation will contact students to initiate the application process. Students selected for scholarship will be notified directly. Ford reserves the right to change or modify the terms of the scholarship.

Thank you, 

The Ford FIRST® Board

IF you go to BaseCamp in HQ or the members only page in our website, you will find a link to a Google Form to collect the data needed by FORD. All responses must be made before the end of day on Saturday, February 24th.  No responses will be take after that.  Also, please make sure to provide the information in the format requested or your response may be invalid and not processed. 

NOTE: Seven of our last year’s seniors each received a $2500 scholarship for up to four years (Tentatively a $10,000 total).